Does your grandma walk faster than your computer launches programs? Do you typically go make dinner, repave the driveway, or contemplate the latest theories in astrophysics while your computer boots up? All this pain and suffering is so unnecessary! Bring your tired, your poor, your desperately slow computers yearning to breathe free; send these, the forgotten, lightning-shocked, to me.

If this describes your poor computer, read about our Windows Acceleration Service:

Because your computer is so full of old junk (old installed programs and files) and is running so slowly, this is rarely a quick process (though there are exceptions to everything). That is important to understand. I typically lose money servicing these types of computers, but I offer the service anyways for your benefit. For a minimum $80 charge (up to 2 hours’ work) here’s what you can expect:

  • Your important files will be backed up
  • All viruses will be removed
  • All clutter will be removed. This includes old programs, junk files, Windows Update backup files, dmp files, and other such things.
  • All Windows Updates not yet downloaded and applied will be taken care of
  • All antivirus programs will be removed and replaced with a new free or paid version of Bitdefender

If the OS is so damaged that it needs to be reinstalled, then a flat $100 OS reinstall fee will apply.

I charge $50/hour for this service. Beyond 2 hours’ work I will begin adding additional hourly rates up to a maximum of 4 hours total.  While I’ll probably end up working on it overnight, I won’t charge more than 4 hours work, and I’ll do my best to get it done in 2.

Typical turnaround is 12-24 hours – give it to me in the afternoon, have it back the next morning.