Do you have Peace of Mind?

Going It Alone

Do you enjoy troubleshooting your own problems? How about seeing your hard drives overflow with data and crash? Or perhaps you don’t care about antivirus strategies and love seeing your computer implode. If so, then absolutely do not inquire about our Peace of Mind service.

We Got You Covered!

Peace of Mind gives you exactly what it says – at least when it comes to your computer system and attached devices. We will install a small program that runs silently in the background and periodically checks the vitals on your computer and reports back to us every day. If issues are detected, we are advised and can address them on a scheduled basis – or immediately, if the problem is critical. Someone will always be keeping an eye on your systems and ready to intervene before small fires turn into huge blazes.

Bitdefender Antivirus
X-rated Media Block
Local File Backups
1-Click Tech support
Guard Dog Web Protection
Managed Software Updates
Online Backup (100GB)
Scheduled Monthly tune-ups
Labor Discount 5% 10% 20% 10%
- Protects up to 5 computers -
Payment options
Payment options
Payment options
Payment options
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Item Descriptions:
  • X-rated Media Block – Installed on your router.  All internet requests routed through OpenDNS Family Shield to protect against X-rated content and malware.
  • Local file Backups – We set up a backup schedule to be used with your own external drive or one we loan.
  • 1-Click Tech Support – An icon near your system clock allows you to click to send a message for help
  • Guard Dog Web Protection – Blocks all malware communication in and out of your computer and allows dozens of categories of web content blocking.  This can be used to block content inappropriate for children at home or employees in the office.
  • Managed Software Updates – Makes sure Windows and programs are continuously kept up-to-date with the latest security patches and program updates.
  • Online Backup – Can be used to backup up to 100GB of data to the cloud.  A very robust backup solution, it allows specific days to be “archived” and frozen in time while continuing to backup your data.
  • Scheduled Monthly Tune-ups – Every month a technician will schedule time to inspect your computer and make sure everything is running perfectly.
  • Labor Discount – Clients enjoy a permanent discount on all labor charges outside of the Peace of Mind service.
Monthly charges are in advance and therefore final. Annual payments can receive pro-rated refunds – Contact us if this is your need. Hard Drives provided for Peace of Mind are loaned not sold. They are however available for purchase for a nominal fee.